Box Protectors

Custom Sized Box Protectors

Showcase and protect your most prized collectible items in these crystal clear, stackable cases. All while keeping them in pristine condition, preventing your collection from being damaged and free from dust, grime, fingerprints, and scratches. These protectors are unmatched in quality and value (unlike hard plastic cases, which are expensive, brittle, and prone to cracking and chipping). These protector cases are made from 0.50mm thick Acid-free PET material, making them virtually indestructible, lightweight, colorless, and transparent. Each protector case has locking tabs on the both lids to keep the piece protected and secure.

These protector cases are shipped flat and are easy to unfold and assemble into the proper shape. They are also has easy to remove protective film to insure that each case arrives scratch-free. Each case is labeled individually to help you identify the case with ease.